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Business for Transformation

b4t measures itself against all modern principles of successful business management. The management is not solely motivated by profit orientation, but by the positive effect on all areas surrounding the company – customers, employees, location, environment. The focus is on:

Business for People – not only for Shareholder.

For more than 125 years, Allianz-Mission has stood for trustful and empowering partnerships with churches and civil society actors. Today in 25 countries.



Over the course of our long-standing work in combating poverty, the determination has evolved that the establishment and promotion of companies is a key strategy for a sustainable change. Besides creating jobs, we would like to develop models for successful companies to empower their employees with Christian values, act with transparency and free from corruption in the marketplace and use natural resources in a sustainable way.

“We don’t want to give gifts to people who are destitute. “We want to enable and empower them in their God-given value.”

Dr. Thomas Schmidt

Head of Department Business for Transformation, Allianz-Mission

Pilot project in Kenya

Kenya – clear economic opportunities! A clear need!

Our specialists on site

Sven Greisert

Sven Greisert

In my former position as head of department and chief safety engineer within the BMVg, it was important to me to incorporate the individual performance requirements of the employees into the company management and the projects entrusted to me, taking into account occupational safety and environmental protection. In Kenya, I want to use my talents to work in a holistic approach. For shareholders and society.

The project

How do we evaluate people? Based on their possessions or actions? We want to take further steps and meet people in their thinking and their faith. Even if the lowest social classes in Kenya think of themselves as ‘I am weak, useless and worthless,’ we want to say to these people:’You are valuable and accepted, unconditional’. This is the dignity that God gives.

Stephan Mattner

Stephan Mattner

As deputy department head in the infrastructure department of a BMVg department, you quickly learn that success is not measured by the small individual building blocks, but by the unifying overall concept. In my new assignment in Kenya, I want to develop my talents as an engineer in the electrical energy supply and energy industry and as a specialist in renewable energies where people are in focus.

Our alternatives:

Work and training places for sons and daughters, siblings, wives and men according to fair standards – independent of education and origin.